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Android Pie is full of new features. Android . Pie has been out for months on Pixel phones. Android Pie Adaptive Battery. New settings look, once again. A new screenshot tool. Gesture navigation. Images in message previews. New material design. Quick rotation control..Cool New Features in Android . Pie. Adaptive Battery. If you used the Doze feature in Android which hibernates all apps not being at that moment, the adaptive battery feature is an improvement of that and it is enabled by default. Dark Mode. App Actions. App Timer. Adaptive Brightness. Slices. Accessibility Menu. . The Best New Features in Android . Pie. New Gesture Navigation. Android has used a standard three button navigation bar at the bottom of the screen for ages. Adaptive Battery and Brightness. App Actions. Slices. Improved Security Features. Digital Wellbeing. New Accessibility Menu. New Screenshot Shortcut..United States English. Privacy Policy. Satellite imagery Astrium, DigitalGlobe. Some features and devices may not be available in all areas..

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