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The application is one of the basic applications for many smart phone users, a practical tool with unique features in the world of sending applications to others, is available free of charge at the Android store Play Store.

It does not require specific Android releases and can work on the lowest releases. It is a powerful medium for famous SharePoint application for sharing files between smartphones.

The application of the SHAREit of Participation has a very high positive ratings by the user, which shows the great satisfaction with the advantages and advantages of application sharing, and has reached more than 10 million downloads in a short period after the issuance, and users from all continents and countries of the world.

It is also the best program to send applications and the best alternative to Bluetooth, and the application can be relied on mainly in a lot of different functions and functions, and the company developed to be available in all languages, where will work on your computer in the language of the system that works on your phone, that is available in Arabic in all It is a recipe and application, making the application of the SHAREit a suitable place for all people and beginners.


Now that you have downloaded the application on your computer, you will be given a set of tools that can do things that you would not have thought of. You will know them in the section explaining the program and we will remind you in detail, and the most important features that are the most powerful ability to uninstall Any of the system applications, which you do not need and may not have used before.

It is worth mentioning that some applications occupy huge areas on our devices without any benefit of them, which places a major obstacle to the user to benefit, from most of the space and storage capacity of the phone, which suffers more than those whose phones do not have external memory or memory card, This allows them to delete important applications from their applications to provide free storage space, to work through the phone as quickly as necessary, or to be able to download other applications more important, goodbye to all these obstacles and barriers boring after the use of the SHAREit of participation, and many other features you will know in the remainder of this article.

Characteristics of the application of the participating SHAREit :

You can either install or delete any applications on your phone, back up your applications, restore them at any time with the same settings and progress as before, and you can grant access to the external storage that you have available. Install applications from them after you grant the permission to do so.

You can also control the appearance of applications by choosing the method of sequence, as you see fit for you, a great feature for those who have a huge number of applications and games on their machine, and their convenience in the rapid access to any application they want to share with others, You can just type the application in this bar to show you in less than a second, after activating the search, it is also worth noting that it is compatible with Android versions starting from android 1.5.

Not only do apps share the same way as sending apps, but they also allow you to send a Gmail or even a 25 MB file, with many options for sharing your apps with friends, including a shared Wi-Fi hotspot Between you, or through a direct participation SHAREit.

Another feature is silent installation, i.e complete the installation of packages without showing the installation process to be hidden and without disturbing the users, and gives the application SHAREit all the details of memory, the space occupied by applications and files on the device, as well as the remaining part of memory, which helps The owners of phones that do not support it to identify the details of storage, you can also choose the path of files received from friends and others, and set them on the phone or Missouri as you like, and the feature of checking and follow-up software updates from the inside.

The importance of applying the SHAREit of participation:

Most Android users face major problems in sharing files and applications with others, including problems that do not know why they are caused, which makes them puzzled, and we talk here when using the basic Bluetooth on phones, which is a tool is not practical at all and is not fully reliable , Especially when sending huge files, such as movies, serials and video game installation and simulation files, which may exceed 2GB size, which may take hours, requiring Bluetooth to be put on hold and stop using both the transmitter and the receiver. Take off The download, without leaving a large distance between them so as not to show the message of failure to send, that you will be next to the other phone for more than an hour or more, and here shows the importance of the application of the SHAREit of participation, and another problem appears in many types of mobile and the message of failure in the last moments , Although there is ample room for reception, which both sides feel very frustrated.

You will get rid of these annoying problems thanks to the advantages offered by the application of the SHAREit of participation, with the ability to send applications of any size in the shortest possible time, where the speed of transmission and transmission to 20 MB per second, and this allows you to exchange applications in moments that were times Long transmission of Bluetooth, and sending applications up to 1GB in just two minutes, without being subjected to the shocking cases of failure of the current transmissions, and was able to implement the SHAREit of participation to rid millions of users of the problems of transmission Bluetooth, and the obstacles, The application gives you Mi Send a message to anyone else, to enjoy the giant, which is a breakthrough in the transfer and exchange of applications.

Explain the application of the SHAREit of participation from the inside:

It has an easy-to-use interface and is free of any flaws or flaws. It includes three pages or horizontal menus. The list in the middle is the most important. You will find it in the name (installed) and contain all your applications, whether uploaded or installed from the Google Play store. From websites or any other source, and installed from unknown sources for the system system, as well as system applications, you will find all the applications attached to the most important details you need to know them in the list, starting from the icon of each of them, and the size of each application, you can Select any number of applications and send them at once Maximum of speed, or send one applications and games individually however you want, select any application and will show you the following commands (share, backup, remove, order), when you press the post will show you two options share links or installation file.

Features of the application sending program:

  • It has been classified as the fastest application of Android.
  • Light on appliances.
  • Free Arabic language support.
  • Small size and works with most Android versions.
  • Cygnic on the use of Bluetooth and get rid of problems.
  • The application failure problem does not appear.
  • Ability to remove applications.
  • Delete system applications.

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